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Tech trends and our unchanging dumpster renting quality

Montgomery Dumpster Rental Pros Keep Up with Construction Tech Trends

In the past, technology didn’t play a key role in the construction industry. In fact, by looking at data over the past two years, only 32 percent of construction companies have spent at least one percent of their revenue on tech.

That’s starting to change, according to a report by the Associated General Contractors of America that focuses on technology trends in the construction industry with 42 percent of construction businesses spending at least one percent on IT.

Companies that do invest in technology do so in the following areas:

  • Accounting (25 percent)
  • Estimating 22 percent)
  • Project management (21 percent)
  • Document management (20 percent)
  • Scheduling (19 percent)

These companies are strategic in their spending, with 42 percent of them having a formal IT plan. This is also increasing in small doses, with 11 percent more creating one for 2016. As far as cloud computing, it’s making inroads with:

  • 59 percent plan to use cloud-based software
  • only 55 percent were even aware of the cloud in 2012, with 44 percent only somewhat aware
  • the main goal being accessing information on the go
  • the main concern being security issues

To bolster security, 75 percent of companies have created an anti-hacking plan. Plus, more companies are providing mobile devices to staff, perhaps to manage security issues more effectively. Here are a few more stats – and then, if this interests you, we recommend you read the whole report:

  • 92 percent use email to communicate with project collaborators
  • 71 percent use file-sharing sites
  • 40 percent use more sophisticated collaboration software, including but not limited to building information modeling (BIM)

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