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Construction Trends Indicate More Dumpster Renting Needs

Trend reporting by your Montgomery dumpster rental pros

2016 Construction Trends Shared by Your Montgomery Dumpster Rental Pros

According to Dodge Data & Analysts’ 2016 Construction Outlook report, experts predict a 6% growth in the industry. Translated into dollars, that equals a whopping $712 billion in construction starts in 2016.

Although no two experts agree on precise details, their predictions have one common theme: that 2016 may very well be a booming year for business, with plenty of consumer demand. More specifically, here are trends to watch out for over the next year:

Low numbers of skilled laborers are a primary concern for the construction industry. Baby boomers are on the way out, and it will take numerous years to fill the gaps. Plus, the industry isn’t appearing to a “younger, more technologically savvy workforce.” Couple that with many companies not bringing in younger workers during the economic downturn and the baby boomer gap isn’t getting filled.

Prefabricated construction is accelerating because the process tends to go more quickly and is a potential money saver. Although this process requires companies to adapt to different timetables, experts believe it’s going to be increasingly in demand.

Careful project selection is occurring because of labor shortages. Without experienced workers, construction companies are reluctant to take on projects that potentially won’t be completed by the deadline.

Building information modeling is growing, even in less-than-large firms as companies see the tangible benefits of consistent and more accurate project documentation.

Commercial and residential green buildings are becoming more popular because of customer demand.

Crime and accidents on jobsites are a focus, with OSHA increasing its fines for the first time since 1990.

Single-family dwellings are being built more often as multifamily is slowing down.

3-D laser scanners are of increasing levels of interest since they can make digital recreations that are useful in construction.

Luxury remodeling is expected to be hot this year. Data is showing that consumers want to reinvest in their homes and up their value.

Walkable communities are becoming popular among more consumers, ones including elements such as multi-generational housing and public transportation.

What Never Changes: Construction Dumpster Renting is Essential

A year from now, some of these will show up on a trends list for 2017, while others will have turned out to be incorrect or on their way out. But, if you’re building or renovating, one thing holds true: you need reliable waste management services.

And, it’s this simple:

  1. Contact us about commercial dumpster renting online today or call 334-271-6900.
  2. Let us know what you need – plus where and when.
  3. We typically deliver your dumpster without 24 hours of your project and are happy to work out a timeline to suit your needs.
  4. The cost is based on the type, location and duration of your project – with NO hidden fees.
  5. When you’re done we pick up your construction roll off dumpsters.

You’ll receive clean dumpsters delivered by dedicated, reliable, professional and courteous staff who focus on providing quality customer service.

Contact us about renting your construction roll off dumpsters online today or call 334-271-6900.