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Types of Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

Roll-Off Dumpsters and Containers for Rent

Roll-off dumpsters have two basic designs, the open roll-off dumpster and the closed roll-off dumpster, for compactors. Roll-off dumpsters are named as such because they are “rolled off” from a hauling truck at a delivery location and then picked up once the dumpster has been filled and ready for disposal.

Open Roll Off Containers

Open Top Dumpster Rental
An open top roll-off dumpster is characterized by its open, rectangular shape and lack of a lid or cover. These dumpsters are typically used for temporary waste disposal needs, such as construction projects, residential renovations, large cleanouts, or other situations where a significant amount of waste needs to be collected and removed.


Design: Open top roll-off dumpsters are designed with a rectangular shape and have low sides, making it easy to load them with waste materials such as debris, construction materials, furniture, and other bulky items.

Size Variability: They come in various sizes, ranging from smaller options like 10 cubic yards up to very large containers like 40 cubic yards or more. The size chosen depends on the volume of waste expected to be generated and the space available at the site.

Versatility: These dumpsters are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of waste types, including construction debris, household junk, yard waste, and more. However, hazardous materials may require special handling and cannot always be disposed of in standard open top dumpsters.

Loading: Their open top design allows for easy access and loading of waste by workers or equipment like wheelbarrows and skid steers. This accessibility makes them ideal for construction sites and other locations where frequent loading and unloading are necessary.

Transportation: Open top roll-off dumpsters are transported using specialized trucks equipped with hydraulic systems that can lift and place the dumpster onto and off of the truck bed. This roll-off system enables efficient delivery, placement, and removal of the dumpster from the customer’s site.

Temporary Use: They are typically rented for temporary use periods, ranging from a few days to several weeks or longer, depending on the project timeline and waste disposal needs.

Overall, open top roll-off dumpsters are a practical solution for managing large volumes of waste during construction, remodeling, or cleanup projects, offering convenience, accessibility, and efficient waste disposal capabilities.

Closed Roll Off Dumpsters

Closed Top Dumpster Rental

Closed roll-off dumpsters are similar to open top roll-off dumpsters in many ways but differ primarily in their design and functionality. Here are the key features and characteristics of closed roll-off dumpsters.

Design: Closed roll-off dumpsters have a lid or cover that can be securely closed. Unlike open top dumpsters, which are completely open at the top, closed dumpsters have a hinged or sliding door mechanism that allows the container to be sealed shut when not in use.

Security and Containment: The main purpose of the lid or cover is to provide security and containment. It helps prevent unauthorized access to the contents of the dumpster, which can be particularly important for preventing illegal dumping or tampering with sensitive materials.

Weather Protection: The cover also provides protection against the elements, such as rain, snow, and wind. This can help keep the contents of the dumpster dry and reduce the risk of waste materials blowing away or becoming waterlogged, especially for materials that may be affected by moisture.

Odor Control: In some cases, closed roll-off dumpsters can help contain odors better than open top dumpsters, especially if the waste being disposed of has strong odors or is likely to attract pests.

Versatility: Like open top dumpsters, closed roll-off dumpsters come in various sizes to accommodate different volumes of waste. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction sites, commercial cleanouts, renovations, and other projects requiring secure and weather-resistant waste disposal.

Loading: Similar to open top dumpsters, closed roll-off dumpsters are typically loaded from the top. However, the lid or cover can be opened for easier access to load and unload waste materials.

Transportation: They are transported using the same roll-off trucks with hydraulic systems as open top dumpsters, allowing for efficient delivery, placement, and removal from the customer’s site.

Overall, closed roll-off dumpsters offer added security, weather protection, and sometimes better odor control compared to open top dumpsters. They are particularly useful in situations where containment and protection of the waste are priorities, making them a versatile option for various waste management needs.

Dumpster Renting Philosophy

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