Home Flipping: News from Your Montgomery Dumpster Rental Pros

House flipping has become more common – both in real life and in reality television with shows ranging from Flip This House to Flip That House, plus The Property Ladder and more. In house flipping, an entrepreneur buys a dwelling, rapidly makes repairs, and then hopes to quickly sell at a profit so that the process can be repeated.

2015 article in the Montgomery Advertiser shares the story of a home flipper, Michael Levine, who has renovated and sold more than 30 Montgomery houses over the preceding 18 months. One of them was sold to two sisters-in-laws before he could put out the “for sale” sign.

Levine moved his business to Montgomery when Alabama home sales had increased by 19 percent, when comparing July 2014 to July 2015. During that same time period, according to the Alabama Center for Real Estate, Montgomery home sales increased by 31 percent, the most in the state.

Meanwhile, here was the situation when Levine began his business in Montgomery. First time home buyers were looking for an affordable starter home, but many times a “minor issue like peeling paint or a tripping hazard keeps them from qualifying [for] . . . a federal home loan. They can’t fix the issue until they own it, and they can’t buy it because they can’t fix the issue.”

This is where home flippers like Levine come in. They buy the properties, make those fixes, and turn those houses right around to sell. In the article, Levine said that if he had 10 or 15 homes that were renovated, he could sell them all in 60 days.

Circle J Makes Montgomery Dumpster Renting Convenient and Efficient for Remodelers

If you’re involved in house flipping – or other home renovation projects – then it’s important to have a waste management strategy in place. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a great big mess.

Here’s how to rent a dumpster:

• Contact us about roll off dumpster rentals online today or call 334-271-6900.
• Let us know your timeline and we’ll quote a simple 7-day flat rate with no hidden fees.
• Our roll off dumpster rental includes delivery, pickup and waste disposal.

Sizes of dumpsters include 10-, 20-, 30-and 40-yard open top containers.

Questions? Feel free to ask them! We are experts in trash handling and are here to help you with your roll off dumpster rental and your overall waste management needs.

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