Office Construction Trends by your Montgomery Dumpster Rental Pros

If you’re involved in building or remodeling offices, you’re probably already noticing some of these trends. One very logical prediction: that people are getting tired of being surrounded by cables and wires in their smart-enabled offices and want a cleaner, more organized look where wires are hidden from sight. Plus, people who spend all day indoors are longing for more signs of nature, so expect customers to request “vertical gardens, exposed concrete flooring, and reclaimed wood paneling.”

Another trend with momentum? Collaboration. So, it’s expected that increasing numbers of office buildings will need “designated lounge areas,” open in concept to allow idea sharing in comfort. This may involve tearing down walls to open up space or building an addition. And, since not much is clear cut in today’s world, also expect office customers to ask how to build in spaces for privacy, for when too much openness gets overwhelming.

Not surprisingly, 2016 will continue to see more eco-friendly building designs, including the use of glass in external frames and the inclusion of solar panels, among other features.

Construction Dumpster Rental in 2016

We offer the commercial dumpster sizes you need in the Montgomery area, up to 40 yards, and we haul away plumbing waste, drywall, electrical waste and roofing materials. Working on a LEED-certified project? Not a problem! We will handle all of your waste management needs in a LEED-compliant way.

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• hire delivery staff who are reliable, professional and courteous

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