Smarter, Taller and Healthier: Construction Trends by Montgomery Dumpster Rental Pros

A look at 2015 construction trends show a move towards smarter, taller and healthier builds, with those trends likely to continue into 2016 and beyond.

Smart watches may be used more often on construction sites. Workers could theoretically punch a time clock using the watch, while company owners can send safety tips to the workers. They could be used to make phone calls from the field and even monitor the health status of the workers (blood pressure and heart rate, for example) and more. Smart hard hats are in the making, as well.

2014 was a year of tall buildings, with even more momentum in 2015. According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, 2014 had been the “tallest year ever” with 97 buildings that were 656 feet or taller being completed. In 2015, that figure was expected to almost double with 175 buildings of that height expected to be completed. In urban areas, the more advanced construction techniques being used are especially valuable because of the limited ground real estate available.

Finally, it’s expected that architects and developers will continue to find ways to construct healthier buildings with improved indoor air quality, more natural light and building materials without volatile organic compounds.

Construction Dumpster Renting

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